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Boquete is the favorite destination within Chiriqui Highlands.

Chiriqui highland are traditionally devoted to agroindustries such as dairy, coffee, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. However, due to its surrounding cloud forest (protected by National Parks such as Volcan Baru and La Amistad) and its topography Boquete as emerged as an birding and adventure destination.

From Boquete you can do several day trips.  Just to list a few:

cloud forest hike   quetzal trail in Volcan Baru National Park   quetzal bird by its nest

Zip line and experience the trill to fly over cloud forest canopy,

Raft on the challenging rapids at Chiriqui Viejo River,

Cloud forest hikes being Quetzal trail the most famous (it takes you from Boquete to Cerro Punta)

Hike to Volcan Baru Summit (If done in a day it is actually a race to make it on daylight)

Visit nearby towns of Volcan and Cerro Punta to check on its famous horse race breed Haras de Cerro Punta, and Finca Dracula orchid farm.  Some coffee and dairy farms offers guided trips.

Not as close but also doable within a day is the Gulf of Chiriqui that offers beatiful beaches, snorkeling spots, sea kayaking and fishing.

Some of this trips (those linked above) can be booked and purchased at a 5% discount while booking on Casa Romero before your arrival.  If you book once you arrive, if there is availability, prices are not discounted.

Casa Romero can arrange for your party a custom made itinerary from your arrival to Panama City.





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Phone 011 (507) 6679-4404

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boquete casa romero email

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